Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Long term view of stock-
Stock Name:
Stock symbol:
What market it trades on:
What the company does:
Why would john doe buy into this company:
Why would john doe sell into this company:
Market Cap:
Short ratio this month:
Short ratio last month:
Short ration trend:
General Fundamentals:
Pending news:
Primary long term trend:
Intermediate trend:
Short term trend (up/down/sideways):
Long term Average Volume:
Short term Average Volume:
Dow S/P Index primary trend:
Current Price:
Moving Average:
Long term Average trading range:
Short term Average trading range:
Long term Support levels:
Short term Resistance levels:
Average price deviation from open:
Average % deviation from open:

Day trading stock setup-
8 day trend:
8 day High/Low:
8 day MA:
8 day Volume trend:
8 day chart trend:
Yesterdays OHLC:
Yesterdays price movement pre-market/market/after hours:
This mornings pre-market price movement:
Real time market depth:
Block orders on up/down ticks:
Message board activity:
Clearstation buy/sell opinion:
News within the last 5 days:
Pending events or news:
Trading style to be used based on analysis:
Reason for Entry:
Initial Stop loss price:
Target price:
Estimated entry point:
Estimated Exit point:
Amount of Equity to risk:
% of total equity being risked:
Estimated commision:

Stock trading results-
Stock Symbol:
Results W/L/draw:
Time/Date trade executed:
Share quantity:
Share dollar value:
Bought price:
Sold price:
Time/Date of closing position:
Reason for sell/cover:
Gross income:
Net income:


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