Sunday, March 19, 2006


If you trade futures, you may save money by leasing a seat on the CBOT or CME, by leasing a seat like IDEM for around $100 a month. About 1/5th of my losses are made up of commissions from IB. IB is not the best broker for futures, good for retail stocks, but not the best for executions and commissions on futures. J trader is good for futures, I like their grey box trading or "depth trading" platform, its similiar to IB's book-trader. I think knowing an equities avg. daily range is essential and also knowing the likelyhood of it closing near it's low for the day, and also the likely hood of its trend carrying on to the next days trading at the open.

Tommorow, buy GNTA and GNBT at open, sell for 0.03 profit or swing it for 0.10-0.20 profit. I like the swing idea better, to save on commissions.


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