Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Pairs- Market Topology

Pairs trading works like this. You have 2 highly correlated pairs in which you want to follow. It doesn't matter which stocks moves first in a particular direction, the key is to get into the laggard stock which will eventually catch up to the leader. Also, you have anti-correlated pairs, in which case you want to short when your stock goes up and vice versa. Here is a great example of 2 pairs(CHK and ECA) and it has 2 corresponding anti-correlated pairs(AMR and CAL).

Here's a Pair:

Depending on what type of trader you are, this strategy can be used for swing and day trading. Also, a good website to use to find pairs and anti-correlated pairs is www.market-topology.com.


Troy on 10:36 AM said...

paris trading, now thats some funny shit. poor jerome, rotting in a cell for at least 20. he will be made an example.

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