Monday, July 10, 2006

More strategies

I need to test new strategies. I need to also review pair trades. Overall, after watching the market for the last month, I think it all comes down to watching the active sectors for the day, watching the futures, using S/R lines, trend lines, and evaluating trade entries based on high probabilities. The initial entry may not be perfect, probably will rarely be spot on, but define your risk, and give yourself time for your target to be hit with a trailing stop that won't get hit off of 1 or 2 ticks.
I would like another monitor so I could watch 80 stocks. Right now I watch around 25 charts. I would like to have charts for all the sectors and the major stocks in the sector. I would like a porfolio with a list of all the stocks in that sector so I can pick who is the leader and laggard. I would like a porfolio of all the volatile stocks as well. Also I should make a porfolio each day of my scans of hot stocks that meet my criteria, whether it be new highs/lows, % gainers/losers, or large intraday range and volume.


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