Monday, January 01, 2007

My Trading Edge explained visually

The plan is to wait for the setup. Once my indicators say long or short and I get 2 block trades on ER2 with 15seconds of each other in the direction of the trend, then I will enter with a 0.7 stop with an initial traget of 1.4pts. The amount of time given for the trade to work out is 3 minutes, and if I'm in the black at the 3min mark and my target hasn't been hit or the trade hasn't moved more than 0.5pts my direction, then I will set the trade to breakeven and give the trade more time to work out or stop me out at breakeven. The best setup for breakouts is when high volume at price (support/ resistance areas) are tested and we get block trades that act to penetrate the S/R areas. Here is a chart of the preffered trade setup combining my trading signals on my chart, T&S filter for block trades, and the chart showing volume at price support area being taken out.


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