Thursday, February 22, 2007

Feb 22nd daily learning

Today I noticed a re-occuring pattern.
1.Program trades at the morning open 15min pt.(10:45am est)

2.Intraday choppy action with reversals at tick extremes and with noticable block trades at reversal points.

3.12pm (3pm est) reversal trade.(A/D issues reversed and went up 3pm EST)

4. A VIX reversal setup

When was the last time we had a large selloff day on a day where we had an Oil inventory #? (we only get the oil # on Wednesday, or Thursdays if there was a holiday recently.) It seems the selloffs are seen on Monday's, Fridays, and sometimes on FOMC days. I don't recall a large selloff day on the same day as an oil# day unless it was also an FOMC day.


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