Friday, March 02, 2007

My Trading Method

My Trading methodology:
My strategy looks for block trades on ER2 and SPY, and also looks for tick extremes and heavy volume in XLF as a signal for reversals.
Entries and Exits:
Entry points are based around heavy volume seen on xlf and block trades seen in ER2 and SPY, with the prefered entry made at a tick extreme after a block trade has been seen on the ER2 and SPY charts. I look for short trade signals more so when price is above VAH, and I look to go long when the long signal is below VAL. When trade entries are made with regard to volume profile on a range day, profit targets should be set to the POC, VWAP, or an exit based on a tick extreme. When trade entries are made with regard to volume profile on a breakout day, then the 3-5 day volume profile S/R areas should be the initial target, or an exit should be taken when there is heavy volume at a tick extreme.


Anonymous said...

How do you get market volume data (VAH/VAL) to display on Quote Tracker? Is that a feature of IB feed? Thank you.

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