Friday, April 06, 2007


The amex strategy was a pattern I saw where the market would reverse in conjuction with the AMEX tick reversing at key numbers like -100, +100, +200. I would see this pattern occuring occuring 1-2 times a week and found it odd that the market would make this pattern so often. I think the AMEX tick reversals are just a common occurence like 10:30am and 3pm EST reversals, and there really is no secret to AMEX tick reversing at these key numbers, it is just pattern that occurs frequently for all I know. It is an interesting indicator to look at and shouldn't be overlooked, but for the most part I would rely more on price, volume, NYSE TICK, and NYSE A/D for trading intraday.

Here are a couple more charts from my archive-

In this chart you see two -100 AMEX TICK reversals.

In this chart you see a +200 AMEX TICK reversal.


Jeppetto on 8:59 PM said...

Brillian idea IMHO

NA on 11:18 PM said...


Which indicators do you have set on those charts- are they Fibonacci retracement levels and pivot points with R-S1 and 2? tx

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