Tuesday, June 26, 2007

June 26 trade summary $2,147

Today I did good on futures, but did terrible on one stock trade which was a long on GS that I was looking to scalp. Turns out I bought the top and made the same mistake as yesterday with holding it for a big loss. I think I need to stop trading stocks or trade smaller size on the stocks I'm trading because I made the same mistake twice. The bonds and stock indices are behaving inversley to one another, and my GS buy was a perfect short because ZN had bottomed out right around when I bought it.

P/L $2,147 on 95 contracts and 2,700 shares


Unknown on 1:43 PM said...

Why waste any time on stocks? Futures are the way to go.

Maybe options on highly liquid stocks or indexes. That's what I do at least.

BH_Trade on 2:19 PM said...

Thought you were going to stick to trading small size. 95 futures contracts in a day? That's alot, especially if keeping position size to 1-2 contracts per trade.

At any rate, good job this week.

HPT on 2:40 PM said...

I agree F, I've been wanting to switch to options over stocks for some swing trades, just need some time to get my option strategies down and research the stocks.

Bh- max size held today was 9c on ER2, which I cut 1pt to soon after getting a 1pt runner, should have cut half. I need to work on my position size for stocks, I'm doing alright with futures lately. Tommorow position size will be kept small for sure though on both stocks and futures.

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