Wednesday, June 06, 2007

June 6 Mid-dayTrade Summary $2,007 (29 RT on ER2, 1 RT CL)

I traded the first 3 hours and hit my daily goal so I'm taking a break. I traded very good today. I waited for my setups and got 2 good runners which were both long positions believe it or not.

P/L= $2,007 (29 RT on ER2, 1 RT CL)

Market Observations-
I never watched the cash market for the Rusell 2000, but I'm starting to now and I see that it has it's advantages. I think a good portion of the block trades I see on my charts aren't professional human trades, but computers that are arbing the difference between the cash and futures contract. Out of all the futures products I've been watching for the last year, I would say breakout trades work the best on the bonds. The best trending futures contract is bonds, and the best contract to market make during slow times is crude oil.


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