Thursday, August 16, 2007

Aug 16 $2,200 on 175contracts

Today has got to be the most volatile day I've traded, I think the volume has got to be greater than feb 27 and the selloff in march, excellent volatility. I was getting bulletins from IB all day about increased margin requirements on VIX options. This market is going nuts! I'm done early because I got work. I don't think I will be trading tomorrow because I have work early and it's OPEX. I missed a huge short covering rally on ER2, I was afraid to chase it because I was thinking about capital preservation, so I waited for volume exhaustion and shorted YM for a few points.

P/L= $2,200 on 175c

Side note- Sue Herrera asked some smart guy on CNBC who's buying if all these hedge funds are liquidating even the good positions like gold, and he said, the specialists are buying. This day reminds me of the reversal day we had in march. There was a huge move in the YEN/US trade today just like we had last march and feb on the big selloff days.

Breaking news from CNBC- charles schwab website having issues,,,,,, Let me guess, all their customers have overloaded the servers from trying to log on and sell there positions. Is it time to buy?...........


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