Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rising Opening Gaps- Nice setup for NYSE

I'm looking at ES after hours right now,,,,,this reminds me of that Jim Cramer hedge fund manipulation video,,,,you know, the one where you buy the futures overnight and spill out rumors during the day.
Is this pop up real or what?
Lets think of the best strategy we can.
Buy near the lows last Thursday on panic selling.
Ramp up the futures huge every night causing short sellers to cover and raise the market more? Where are the real buyers for this stealth rally???? Nice scheme, saves a ton of money too, not having to buy actual stocks during the day. All you gotta do is buy a couple thousand ES overnight and pop up the futures overnight causing all those stocks to open higher tomorrow so you can sell your longs off to those dumb shorts that are hurting from these frigging gap up mornings. Meanwhile NYSE could care less from the reduced intraday action they're getting in the way of commissions, they still have to unload the longs they were forced to buy from the last couple weeks of selling. These markets are manipulated. Focus on being on the right side, even if the "right" side is using cheap tactics to screw others over, because at the end of the day, they are the ones making the money.


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