Thursday, September 06, 2007


I would've made at least 1k today if my internet connection didn't go off. I put a safety stop 2pts off the price, then I lost my internet connection. The price travels up, stops me out, and then I get reconnected with the price right where it was before I lost my connection, except I lost 1,500 in profits. So I re short, make a little, and then get chopped to pieces in the next 2 hours, losing 5k in 2 hours. Total loss is 6k on 104 contracts. SUCK MY NASDAQ JEFFERSON!!!!!!!!!

CNBC is saying the market is confused. MY ACCOUNT IS $10,000 more confused than yours as a result of this trading these last 2 weeks. ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. ZOLT ME in the nuts!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hang in there friend, you will learn a little more from your mistakes like these.

Anonymous said...


I appreciate your honesty in the blog. Not many can do that.
Its unfortunate you lost internet connection. The bullish support was there until 3:05 cst. Visible in 1 min chart by volume.
I noticed that TICK went to 1200+ when ES topped at 1484.50 at 11:20 cst.

With Job report coming tomorrow, volatility should be more,

until ES crosses above 1493 on high volume, we can short on rally.

Did you ever tried to convert your signals into automated trading and back test ?

Good Luck tomorrow.

Dinosaur Trader on 9:23 AM said...


Sorry you got smoked.

Set a loss limit, my man. You seem to be an emotional trader (as I am) and that means you're prone to these disasters.

I know I've mentioned it before, it's just that I bet it really helps. Heck, even set a very liberal limit, 5k, whatever... it'll just help you knowing it's there.


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