Saturday, September 29, 2007

End of the Quarter Recap

What has changed this year,,,,,something must have happened during all that mess we had in July and early August,,,right?!
I'll tell you what happened,,,,,,,absolutely nothing. The rich got richer, and the poor got poorer. If you thought the market was going to correct back in July over the subprime crap, you got screwed, just like you probably got screwed back during the selloff that started back in late February of this year over the China stock market scare and because of what "Greenspan" said the chances of a recession were.....

What has happened with all the different sectors since last quarter?
The big Institutional money that controls our stock market are simply riding the trends.
Look at the homebuilding sector..Still hitting new change there since last quarter
Look at the Emerging markets and Oil sector,,,,no change there since last quarter,,,
still hitting 52 week highs, with the Shanghai stock market making new highs everyday.
Has anything changed, besides more retail traders blowing up there accounts making big bets thinking the market is going to move a certain direction, only to find the volatility fade away after FOMC announcements.

I suggest reading Betweenthehedges blog this weekend and checking out the weekly recap.


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