Monday, September 17, 2007



I was reading the news about CROX, and how kids are getting their feet stuck in elevators. So I went to check out the CROX yahoo stock message board and found some other bad news for this company.....
A person has claimed possible erectile dysfunction associated with Crocs
Another person brought up Class action lawsuit against Crocs

Other than getting my laugh from reading the old Yahoo message boards, I'm going to be spending my time OUT of the MARKETS. This is one of the busiest weeks I've had with school and work, and I refuse to mess it up anymore by losing more money from trying to trade some dumb FOMC announcement that everyone has been hyping up for the last month. WHAT IS GONNA HAPPEN? 300pt sell off, 200pt rally,,,that is the most that you would think would happen. NO, how about a 1000pt sell off from no interest rate cut, there, I predicted it. With wind of the news on CROX, the whole market is likely to sell off now.

PS. I don't own CROX and I've never traded it.

As they would say on elitetrader

CROX---100% up room to go, BUY BUY BUY, this thing is going to the moon!!!

I really hope OIL keeps going up,
that the US will never pull out of IRAQ,,,is it IRAQ?? Who are we fighting again?
that Hillary will make Bill THE FIRST MAN
I really hope my house depressiates to ZERO
that the market panics for a week and then chopps for a few months making option sellers rich, because we all know that retail traders have the biggest pockets to sell options and that COOL brokerages like scottrade and ameritrade don't put restrictions on their customers from selling options,,,,ya you need level 4, got that level 4 clearance,,, Mr. Jones.
ALso, remember to buy every IPO that comes out on resteraunts, because they are always great buys, and go ahead and short oil, because it is going to $5, no one drives cars anymore, Al gore is going to make it a law to switch to solar powered cars from what I hear, get out of oil quick.
Oh, I almost forgot,
Buy GE and MSFT, because they are likely to double, got that, DUBLE, in the next year, making every person who owns them,,,,let me calculate that out,,,,hmmmm
yes,,,,90% of investors will be rich by this time next year, just hold onto that 401KKK.

Here is your daily chart, for Tomorrow given to you today-

AWOL motherfuthers........

I'm so POOOOOO right now,,,,,,,,,Here is a picture of how I'm livin...

I can see it now, the wall street journal is sifting thru their pictures for tommorrows headlines,,,what picture should we use Jerry????


Yeah,,, I'm gonna have to go with the ladder,,,the laughing and the little glimmer of the US flag brings a smile to my face,,,,Riches for everyone,,,,and a merry christmas TO ALL!!,,,lest I forget,,,,GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!


Anonymous said...


you've been watching suck my NASDAQ too much. Don't be so negative. Why don't you step back from trading and give yourself a break.

Training helps me when i'm feeling depressed and during the last days i had every reason to. Goldman sucks ruined my first successful swing trade and it's been downhill from then on.

Every future has been a disaster for me except for the currencies.
Thank you AUD, thank you CAD, i'll stop trading the other stuff.

Maybe you've got enough reasons to be so gloomy, just try to stop it.
I would be happy if i had your skills.


HPT on 10:51 AM said...

I'm taking this week off. I've been real negative lately, because I'm disgusted with my trading habits that will most likely never change and I forever will be a mediocre trader that lives a struggling life of washed out dreams and hopes.....

Dinosaur Trader on 10:52 AM said...

Clearly you have lost your mind. See me in "the office."


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