Monday, September 24, 2007

The Moment the World has been waiting for,,,,,TONIGHT

If you watch NBC,,,,you know today is the day,,,,for,,,,,,,,,,,HERO's......
I confess, it's my favorite TV series,,,that and HOUSE.
I'm gonna have to Tivo it, because I got work late tonight.
Last year when I was losing all my money in the stock market I always felt better by watching HOUSE; another medical drama with Hugh Laurie (who got jipped an Emmy or whatever award it is that they just had,,he should'a got it, of course that's biased because I don't watch any of the other shows as I don't have time for TV)
Here is a nice little spoof on Hero's,,,,,,,called,,,,,ZERO's.

I don't think this years season of HERO's is going to match last years performance, but I'm hopeful. I hear Sylar isn't going to be in as many episodes, because he's gearing up for a new Star Trek movie, where he plays Spock.

I found a MadTV spoof on HOUSE too,,pretty much sums it up-


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