Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sep 11 $500 on 17c

First off, I would like to take a moment in remembrance of today,,,,911

Watching this brings shivers down my spine and a tear to my eye everytime I watch it

I woke up an hour after the open, Looked at the markets and then read my comments I got this morning, and then I said to myself, "mother FUCKERS!".

I got something special for you guys.......

To tell you guys the truth, I like the hateful comments. It inspires me to beat the shit out of these markets. It is just what I need. Kick me in the nuts and then spit in my eye and then help me up only to do it over again.

Anyway, the headlines this morning read something like this,,,"markets jump,,,,blah, blah, blah, Bernanke,,Blah,blah, blah."

PS. Herb Greenbuger on CNBC just said that he doesn't think the FED cares about the stock market. Do they? What say you?

I actually followed my trade system today, trading a max size of 2 contracts and taking 75% of my signals.

P/L= $500 on 17c

I was thinking about posting videos of me, my trading, and my pathetic life,,,,because, well, I like video taping myself because it entertains me and lets me make light of all my failures and successes. Kinda like the Suck my nasdaq guy. If you guys are down to see some of my videos, leave me a comment and I'll try to post some.

Do you think AAPL is going to take a crap next month,,,,why, I don't know, but after watching this hot chick and reading about all those refunds from Mr. Jobs makes me think there will be some skepticism in the forward progress of the stock....

I'm going to school now, then later to work. I'm not going to procrastinate, I'm going to go read some books and get ahead in my studies, FUCK you MR Market! You won't fuck up my life again.............


Dinosaur Trader on 11:33 AM said...


I'm glad you made some money today however, you're freaking me out.

Feeding off of negativity could be a tough road to take... you'll waste energy and not teach the haters anything.

It's like that old arcade game "Wack-A-Mole." You bop one and another just shows up...


matte351 on 12:37 PM said...

Screw the dinosaur trader.

He is the worst trader ever.

Do not listen to that sucker.

Unknown on 1:16 PM said...

I think we would love to see your video. Keep following your rules and cut the freaking losers quick. You will be ok.

Unknown on 1:28 PM said...

Sorry to hear of your losses, but in the interest of using it as a learning experience, maybe you should go over them in a calm period after.
You said you went long ER on Monday morning, but what were the reasons for taking that long? Where was the point where your reasoning was proven to be wrong and your rules told you to exit?
The lesson may have cost you $20k, but not learning anything means you spent $20k for nothing.

Anonymous said...

lol your strategy is shit. it's high probability in the same way the martingale betting strategy is. if you don't sort out your system you will just keep having days like that one. you know i'm right

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, sorry for your recent loss, can't believe you can trade and make a profit right after the 'emotional shodk',look forward to your video!
BTW,what do you study when you said you're going to school now? Is it a 'Trade' school ?
Wish you all the best

Anonymous said...

hpt: glad to see u in the green today...honestly, i think ur just under a ton of stress which obviously is affecting ur attitude...however, when u overcome these obstacles, you'll be stronger for it

the haters have prolly blown up their accounts, and r just hoping the rest of us do the same, so they don't have to take responsibility for their own failure...whether we make it or not is not the issue...we all know the odds are overwhelming, but i do believe that perseverance is prolly one of the most important factors to trading success...u obviously have that


mOOm on 4:51 PM said...

That was quick.

Anonymous said...

definitely interested in the videos.

As DT said, don't ever trade in spite..emotion clouds judgement and discipline

best of luck

HPT on 9:38 PM said...

Hey Anonymous,
My strategy is dam good, I was trading against it on all of my big losing days because of my emotions coming into play. I'm the problem, not the system.

As far as coming back the next day and turning a profit, I have no fear for trading any longer. I should be really pissed at myself, but I'm not. I realize I got a good system, and I just have to work on my discipline.

Anonymous said...

If your strategy is so good, why don't you simply trade it? As that other anonymous said, your "high probability" comes from taking small profits and letting losses run. I've "traded" that way myself in the past (and it took me a lot of time and effort to mend my ways) and had spectacular winning streaks of great consistency (the longest was 34 profitable trading days in a row), interrupted by devastating blowup days, so I know what I am talking about.

On normal days, you buy, it goes down a little, you buy more, it goes up a little, you sell some, and keep doing that. At the end of the day you've traded hundreds of contracts and made a fraction of a tick on each, but hey - you made money, so your "system" worked.

On blowup days, you do just the same, but it never goes up, so you just sit there and watch you losses get bigger and bigger. After you finally get out near the bottom, you claim that you traded against your "system", and that following your "system" would have actually made you money on that day - and you have all those profitable days to prove it.

That "How I Trade" section is actually quite good and what made me follow your blog in the first place - the problem is that it has very little to do with how you really trade. The money management rules you posted were also sensible, but you never followed them either.

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