Friday, September 14, 2007

Sep 14 $720 on 10c

Well I did really good today. I got a really good profit per contract on ER2, avg. 1.4pts per contract. I posted my trade log, so if you wanted you can see the trades taken. I normally don't post it because the trade log is like 3 pages long. Traded the first 2 hours, and now I'm off to school. I did good by taking my signals, however I added to my ER2 position at a bad spot, and I took a false breakout trade on YM, which I should have cut sooner with a trailing stop.

P/L= $720 on 10 contracts

I was expecting the market to open gap down this morning, considering the light volume yesterday and the morning retail number to act as a catalyst. I'm expecting the rest of the day to be real choppy with people rolling over to the new December contract, and with people leaving early for the weekend in anticipation for next weeks FOMC news.


Anonymous said...

Albeit the bad news of increasing budget deficit and lower consumer confidence, it is ironicallly an up day for the ER2. Apparently, the left-brain logic doesn't work for market speculation.
Good work scalping today!

Anonymous said...

congratulations on today.

hope this month makes or breaks you!

HPT on 11:27 PM said...

I hope this month doesn't break me!
I hope I come back stronger then ever and let this be my last bad month where stupid mistakes are made. THANK YOU.

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