Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sep 4 $136 on 65c

Made a bad trade on DAX and had to scalp my way back to a positive P/L trading ER2. The reason I took a large loss on the DAX is because I don't like using stops on the DAX because of the lack of liquidity and the high chance of getting a bad fill and watching the position reverse my direction. Overall trading the DAX on a low volume day like today was a bad idea and I think I should just stick to ER2, YM and ES because I can use more reasonable stops when compared to the DAX.

P/L= $136 on 65c (avg. 3 tick profit on ER2 and a big 2 contract loser on the DAX)



Unknown on 5:45 PM said...

I have a stupid question

what is a "tick"

i've googled it many times but have not found a good explanation

HPT on 10:19 PM said...

Good question, a tick is an insect that sucks the blood out of you,,,j/k
A tick is just the smallest price movement can make that you are trading. For stock a tick would be 0.01, for ES 1 tick is 0.25pts, for ER2 1 tick is 0.10pt.

I may trade 100 contracts a day and only make $100, and you ask how is this possible? Well I normally trade 1 contract positions, 1pt would be $100, so why not just trade 10 contracts and go for 1pt to make $1,000? It's easier said than done. For example today I lost about 20pts on DAX on 2 contracts in about 10min for a $1,400 loss. The rest of the day I traded 1 lots on ER2(ER2 has less leverage than DAX) and I traded 63 contracts total and made around $1,500, with the max size held about 9 contracts for a few minutes during a breakout trade. To be consistently profitable you have to trade the correct position size for your account.

Unknown on 7:34 PM said...

Thanks for your answer

That actually clears up a lot of questions.

Sorry about doubled commenting. I didn't realize it was waiting for moderation so i posted the comment again

thanks again

HPT on 9:32 PM said...

your welcome, glad I could help.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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