Friday, September 07, 2007

Sep 7 $600 on 42c

I was really thinking about closing my account yesterday, but I thought to myself, "if I'm not trading in the morning, what else would I be doing?", I could go to the gym, or read a book, but not for 3-4 hours. I've been really mad at myself in the past for some of my big losses, but yesterdays loss had no feeling to it. I can't remember the last time I was in a flight or fight response when trading, which is a good thing(actually it was when my account was taking a beating a few months back and I put on a 10 lot position on CL and I was sweating bullets, I felt like I was going to die from the overwhelming anxiety attack I was having, never felt that way in trading ever, it was like I was playing Russian Roulette with my account and I just loaded the gun with 4 bullets,,,,,,,,,ahhh, the good times!). So I decided to keep trading and start taking my trade signals. I started out crappy by shorting the open, when I instead should have waited for a trade signal. So I ended up with a small profit on my first trade of the day when I should have made more by following my signals(broken record, when will I ever learn). I then did some scalping off my signals and now I've hit my goal for the day, so I'm done.

P/L= $600 on 42c (avg. 2 tick profit)

Trade summary-
I set better stops today. Overall another crappy week on my part by not following trade signals and using the proper risk management techniques. Yesterday was a perfect example for disaster. Over leverage and emotions= Big Losses.


Derek on 10:29 AM said...


you gotta watch your self-talk. you seem to get stuck in shoulda-ville. that doesn't matter. no matter what should have happened, what happened was what happened. what can you do on your next trade? that's the one you have control over. not the outcome of the trade, but the basis and execution of it. keep moving forward. has anything in your thinking and perception changed to support the desire to establish a new behavior to replace the unwanted behavior? you can do this.

leon t on 9:06 PM said...

you have a system. what you need now is tofollow it. you have been able to make money in the markets, a difficult thing in and of itself. why not talk to dr dorn?. she trades herself, and if you read some of her articles, she was a champion at self mutilation. once upon a time. her ste is known as the trading doctor. and she sounds like someone who will take the time to understand you. in anticipation of what i think she'll say. "not trusting your system, is in reality not trusting yourself". as i've told you before i really don't understand what you do. but i see it works. so the problem may lie elsewhere. give her a call, if i had your accomplishments, i would.

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