Wednesday, October 17, 2007

FXI is ridiculooouss

I wish I could trade, but I'm just too busy with work and school, sorry for no posts people. But my life sucks right now. I need to work on some better trading strategies too before I start deploying missiles into the stock market, I just done have time.
PS- Vote for Colbert, or Ron Paul. If it came down to it, I would vote Gore over all the other candidates right now, just because I hate all the other candidates.
China is gong to crash in the next year or two. The market cap on china mobile is about the same as AT&T and Verizon put together from what I heard over at Technically Speaking, unfortunately I can't directly link to the post I'm talking about, because the blog sucks isn't "THAT ADVANCED", but the blog has some real good content. The post is near the bottom of the page. to lazy to copy and paste it on my blog and ,,,,,fuosinfdporgnpe


Anonymous said...

1k per day and your life sucks? ;)
You've been doing well on the market lately. Being short on time, you could consider swing trading.

HPT on 9:37 AM said...

I don't have a strategy for swing trading that I have strong faith in. When I have time to research stocks and the markets, then I would deploy my missiles. Until then, I will continue to work on trade strategies on my free time, and give radical views on the stock market to create attention on my stupid blog.
Thank you for your comments Bret.
What is your opinion on the stock market, interest rates, or particular stocks.

Oil to 100?
FXI to $400?
GOOG to $700?
or is the market going to tank because of FACTOR X (an already present condition that is given the blame by the media after the fact)

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I do not play the guessing game anymore as I only daytrade mechanically now. I found that if I held a certain bias of where I thought the market was going to go, that I would remove all technical indications otherwise and eventually fail.

Personally I only use two indicators now. Simplicity seems to benefit my style of trading in a fast market.

Anonymous said...

you Know it's funny, about the only thing I search blogs for (through technorati) is Ron Paul.

but this afternoon I was doing analysis of some ETFs. based on my look at the weekly equivolume charts I became convinced that a few were obvious shorts. so I search to see if there is any talk on the net. the first one I looked for was EEM, and the first result I clicked on was for the 'traderfeed' blog. you made a comment there, so I click over to yer blog and read this post.

and you mention Ron Paul! this may not seem like much to you, but I thought it was pretty funny. can't get away from RP if I wanted to..

btw, your sentiment on on China could be pretty accurate. I keep a chart book on stockcharts of about 60 ETF equivolume charts, and many of the emerging market ones look extremely vulnerable right now.

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