Thursday, October 18, 2007

Give me your recommendations

Hey Traders-
I'm looking for some good stocks to short.
I think Chinese stocks are due for some carnage shortly. Today Petro China became #2 in US market cap,,,,makes me want to puke. It's market cap is almost as high as XOM,,,,,,,
I'm speechless, with options expiring tomorrow, I see this as a temporary blow off top, with eminent damage coming in the form of a bloody bear attack.

Please people-
I'm looking for good stocks to short- (preferably Chinese related with OPTIONS)
Because many of the Chinese stocks are so volatile, I'm looking for option strategies as well (probably bear call credit spreads), so akalawoo and all you other option traders, give me some ideas.!!!
Time frame I'm looking for is 3-12 months, with possible front month writes.
Max debit I'm looking for is $500 but will allow up to 2k.
Let me know people.
FXI to $160 in 6 months,,,,you heard it here first.


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