Friday, October 05, 2007

Jobs # is out, and the MARKET IS UPPP!!!!!!!!!!

I woke up late, and my prediction was wrong. No money lost or made. The Hang Sang was up over 800pts before the #, that is over 3%, so I'm expecting to see ES go up at least 1% as well, considering the Hang Sang normally outperforms by a factor of 3.

In other news Dinosaur Trader lost the Death match to Rajun Cajun, and not only did DT lose money, but he lost the girl too,,,,,reports are in that the Cajun man is taking Trading Goddess to Yosemite for a romantic gettho-way. I'll have you know, DT will come back stronger than ever. Not only will he reclaim the money, he will reclaim 2 girls in the process. I've seen it happen before........
UPDATE---WAIT A MINUTE---JRJC took a dump,,,,but did DT, hold his short???? and did Rajun exit his long in time???? What about the Trading Goddess,,,,who will take her to Yosemite????

It looks like between the hedges is right about investor sentiment, we could just keep going up,,,but this time, the rally could be bigger, considering lately that small/mid caps are outperforming big caps.Here is some of what BTH said on his blog-

"a fairly large chunk of the public generally hates U.S. stocks and says it won't ever invest in them again; public short-selling continues to set new records; index futures traders are positioned near historically net short levels; short interest on the major exchanges has exploded higher this year; the mainstream press obsesses with what is wrong and what could go wrong, and long-term investors are denigrated, while day-trading is championed as a crash is always seen as just around the corner. I continue to believe that overall investor sentiment regarding U.S. stocks has never been worse in history with the S&P 500 right near a record high, which bodes very well for further outsized gains. I expect US stocks to trade mixed-to-higher into the close from current levels on less economic pessimism and short-covering."

So, the market keeps going up, because the general public is bearish, and the general public is always wrong,,is that right? But does that even matter, considering the % of retail investors in the stock market is a fraction of the money in the market, the market is going up by hedge funds pushing it up. How could public short interest be at all time highs near the top of the market,,,,,,,,,holy crap,,,I see it now,,,this sounds like me on my worst trading day,,,does the public suck that much.

In summary-
100% up room to go,,,guaranteed!!!



Anonymous said...

I cannot wait for another blow up, get back to trading HPT.

Anonymous said...

HPT sucks donkey balls!!

Dinosaur Trader on 11:52 AM said...

I held the short. As of yet, I have no plans to take TG to Yosemite.


Anonymous said...

DT been fuckin the TG all night long.

HPT on 8:44 PM said...

Boy, we sure get some great comments over hear at High Probability Trading..... My type of traders INDEED!!!

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