Thursday, October 25, 2007

Oct 25 $500 on 13c

Slept in and traded an hour during the mid-day.(I had the day off from work finally, so I got a chance to observe and trade!)
I started off with an attempt to take a short term trade (possibly hold for a couple days), by going long 2YM and short 1ER2. Within about 20min I was up $180 on the hedged trade and I put in LIMIT exit orders, however my YM LIMIT orders didn't get hit, so technically I screwed up on the trade because YM dropped quickly. I then decided to do some trading for the next hour and made a couple hundred. Next time I will use MARKET ORDERS on this trade strategy. I'm watching ZF and ZG as well as some key sectors as you can see from my charts.

The Simulated account holdings are up- YM/ER2 hedged trade is working as usual.


Dinosaur Trader on 2:24 PM said...

Are you going to remove the "blow up" part of your name soon? You're doing well.


HPT on 4:35 PM said...

My goal is to actually start posting high probability trades in the future in a swing trade approach, go figure.....

Dinosaur Trader on 5:03 AM said...


I'll always remember the "blow-up" period of this blog as a time of growth for you though.


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