Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tired of Trading Blogs

I see the same thing on all the trading blogs-
Trades taken

No one does any videos except for Jefferson who pretty much uses that as a way to relieve stress by screaming and letting out his frustrations, and then you got OSCAR,,,,,,the guy has rose to fame quickly and his website now offers "a trading platform" where he is making money in commissions and subscriptions from members joining his trading room.

Even the good old blogs like Traderfeed don't seem to spark much interest.
Does TraderMike ever make any new posts,,,,I guess I have gotten close to where he was a
few years back. What else is there to post, we've read it all before.
All the people want to see now are big P/L numbers and people having emotional outbursts from their stupid trading mistakes.....if that's the entertainment your looking for,,,so be it.

What is cool these days?
I think a stock trading you tube channel, or something of the sort would be cool.
Lets face it, we are all pretty lonely trading from our homes with no real feedback.
Who is motivating you to trade better,,,everyone has to find a role model to look for inspiration, otherwise you wouldn't be seeing P/L threads on Elitetrader as the most frequented thread.
Moreover, instead of getting our video media one way from the likes of CNBC and Bloomberg, how about some media from retail traders....Wallstrip is entertaining, and has some good videos that are educational, but I'm looking for more now.
As retail traders, we want to-
build social networks
learn new methods to trade
hear others' ideas
give our own opinion on subjects and get good feedback


Dinosaur Trader on 5:33 AM said...

Sounds like you're thinking about something here.

Can HPTTV be too far away?


HPT on 10:28 AM said...

Yeah, I'm thinking about it.
Could be like,,,
Confessions of a retail trader,,,

Anonymous said...

Posting this since I read the interesting GS article...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

XdIegs Nice Article.

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