Thursday, October 18, 2007

Trading psychology

This is another reason why I'm working on a system. Perfect example of how the market is out to get you type of trading mentality. Jefferson;from the looks of it makes money from the stock market, yet has some serious mental problems in trading from not riding out his positions to there full potential. He's got a terrible case of Hindsight bias in my opinion. You've seen me with my outbursts as well. Why do we suck? Because we've been burnt in the past, and that pain will forever linger in the back of our minds even if the loss was on a rare movement in the stock market.
Operant conditioning to fail?
What steps have I taken to program my brain to win?

Stick to your system, and if you don't have a system that treats trading as a business, then you will fail.
If you don't have an edge, you will fail.
If you think you suck at trading because of your own trading psychology, you probably do suck, but you probably wouldn't have this problem if you found an edge, because then with your edge you could have a system, a system that you could count on making or losing X amount of dollars.


Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish I could say that to the masses like you just did. I tried, mind you, but then they thought I was just being an ass for having no empathy.

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