Monday, October 29, 2007

Waiting for the FOMC decision

I don't plan on trading until after the FOMC decision. If you look at the index futures you will see a trading pattern that no one is good at trading; the trading pattern is called CHOP, because that is what it does to your account after trying to trade it.

In bond news, the Fed funds have dipped just below 95.50. This has got to be the most straight forward instrument to swing trade and the best way to measure investor sentiment along with 90 day T-Bills. As noted earlier last week I shorted ZQ around 95.65 on the simulator.

In other news Trader Bubs had a BLOWUP trading day today. Not a blowup like one of my bad days where I lose an average Americans years salary in one day, but a blowup for his account none the less. I promised Bubs increased traffic, so go check out his site and make the guy feel better.

Today's educational link comes from TraderMag, which discusses risk management and risk analysis.

I'm working on my "trading system" and working on adding some cool new features to this blog.
As some of you may have noticed, I decided to monetize this blog, so that in the future I may be able to put this money towards upgrading the blog, donating it charitable foundations, or giving out prizes to readers.


Bubs on 5:24 PM said...

You were right, I made $8 dollars today from my ad's. Everyone always come's by when you have bad days.

Not sure if you are going to add any more ads but I don't see you getting many clicks on that one ad you have. You should put them under every post, might help get some more clicks.

I also helped you out by clicking one.

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