Monday, October 01, 2007

What do you call it when.....

Guess what CNBC is displaying again---
DOW JONES XXX past RECORD CLOSE,,,,,,,,,,,,,HOLY F@#%KING S#!T!!!!!!!!!!!
THIS MARKET IS GOING TO THE MOON,,,,HOLD ON FOLKS,,,If you thought the tech boom in the 90's was wild, you aint seen nothing yet.....

OK,,,what do you call it when--
When Homebuilders outperform China(FXI),,,???

Answer---Short Covering,,,,Yeppee

Expect a nice down day in the next,,,,year or so,,,maybe Thursday though.

BlueDog, I found where your getting those Reed girl pics,,,the website is off the hizzle, you can zoom in on the pics...REEF WEBSITE
I vote for #7, or #10....or,,,,oh, wait,,I'm gay,,,I vote for the guy in the yellow on the far right looking away from the hot chicks in an attempt to avoiding a massive boner..!

I think I'm going to start posting pics of hot girls to steal readership from TRADINGGODDESS.....I can do that, now that I'm gay,,it is perfectly OK, for Gay guys to post pictures of hot chicks, last time I checked.

Maybe betweenthehedges was right,,,a massive short covering rally is underway. Here is what he said-

"I expect US stocks to finish the week modestly higher on less economic pessimism, diminishing credit market fears, lower energy prices, investment manager performance anxiety, a stronger US dollar and short-covering. My trading indicators are still giving bullish signals and the Portfolio is 100% net long heading into the week."

In other news, there is no blog on the internet that helps you trade and no person willing to give you an edge or display there setups that make them money everyday.

Make sure you buy Timothy Sykes new book, AN AMERICAN HEDGE FUND. Not because he payed me to say that. And not because he closed his hedgefund (Cilantro Fund) for more publicity for his book. And not because he didn't put me on his blog roll. But because he's trying dam hard to make money.
Also, I was suppose to review his book months ago, but I got, and still am, too busy.
Maybe I should read it now, you know, now that I'm a GAY STOCK TRADING WASH OUT.


PS (Timbo, you owe me like 1% on profit sales from the book for me posting this on my blog,,,heck I even put a picture)


Jon on 6:43 PM said...

I think you should be the first trading blogger to post pics of guys instead of chicks lol.

Anonymous said...

What are you doing?

Anonymous said...

Re: Tim Sykes amateurish hedge fund book:

Is it more sad or amusing when someone's young ego spurs them to write a book when they possess neither literary skill nor talent? Sykes has commented elsewhere that his goal to become "a great teacher, not a great investor" but in this sad excuse for a tutorial he proves to be neither as his amateurish errors practically drive him from the market, credibility (what little he had) completely shredded. Perhaps, however, it's not truly his fault: let's face it, when it comes to imparting wisdom from Wall Street it is simply not possible that a raw twenty-something simply has much to say.

Not that Sykes doesn't try however. In perusing the "comments" portion of Amazon book reviews, he's certainly not reluctant to chime in and offer a defense at nearly every turn. Find me ONE other author at Amazon that feels so compelled to argue his own incompetence.

Tim Sykes should end his determined quest to become a media personality as his grating manner and decidedly non-telegenic looks suit him far better to shine shoes.

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