Thursday, November 08, 2007

CATASTROPHIC BLOWUP!!!!!!!!! (-$12,000..........)

GOT your Attenti0n?

Well that would have been today's headline if my prayers from the 12-0-clock reversal GODS didn't come true. I would like to thank the Traders in Citigroup and Maria Bartiroma for the last hour BUY programs that saved my ass.

Honestly, I shorted ZB twice today, getting a good winner on both.
On ER2 I went long from a BUY STOP getting hit right after the Bernanke speech(it was the high of the day before the huge selloff, my buy stop got hit 3 ticks out of the money and was red 7 ticks in seconds.....). I ended up adding to that long,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,for a long,,,,,,,,,time. I admit, today I SCREWED UP BIG TIME.

I held my long on ER2 through the lows, while watching bond futures hit resistance during the mid-day,,,,which helped me UNDERTAKE IMMENSE AMOUNT OF PAIN as I watched my account take a STAGGERING HIT.

As my pain an suffering were at a threshold of around 8.5,,, I got software issues from IB. Thank you IB, for having another SPOOKY malfuncitoning,,,you guessed it, right around at the LOWS OF THE DAY.....Look at my workstation.............WTF?????????
(think to yourself, don't panic, this market will reverse.........)

If things couldn't get any worse I was getting calls from work, wanting me to come to work today because someone called out sick.....Meanwhile......

I left my account alone while we continued lower. I listened to the family members in my house argue about how the internet connection had stopped working,,,,that really got me stressing, however during the argument, I kept hearing in the conversation "just be patient with it, the internet connection will come back up", ,,,,,,,,,and that is what I did with my position, I was patient with it, and I let it come back up.

Today's total-
$1,300 on 60 contracts

I'm going to do some hard analysis of what would have occurred today if I had followed my trade signals. I'm sure the readers are just as disgusted as I am with reading how I almost screwed up big time today. I said in the past that I wouldn't let this happen. I blame it on my old intuition trades and not following the trading signals. Maybe today will be the last day I let this happen, I don't know, but I sure hope it is.

Now I'm off to the library to study for a test later this afternoon. My stomach feels bad and I'm light headed,,,time for some caffeine......


Anonymous said...

Glad you didn't blow up. Stops are sort of a blessing and a curse, I'm using limit+stop orders to get in a trade, because I know I don't always have the discipline to pull the trigger later.

You're a smart guy, sometimes it's hard to know if it was skill or luck, the market let you off the hook this time. I loved to come here and see you making profits every day for months.

Wish you a bunch-a-pips.

Dinosaur Trader on 5:13 PM said...

Close call...

Hope you learned from it.


ainkurn on 6:27 PM said...

WTF? what happened to your trading rules? I'm with anon, I loved seeing you churn out huge profits day in and day out for a long time; it gave hope to us less successful traders that greener pastures were ahead.

you have a damn good system, just stick to your stops and you'll be fine.

es-hmuz on 7:43 PM said...

You may want to delete your TWS local install (save settings on the server) and then install it back.

onionfutures on 9:04 PM said...

Dude you have such awesome ideas, you could be a killer. But you seem like you hate to lose.

StockHunter on 11:00 PM said...

"I have been assisting clients with day trading online for nine years. I have never witnessed a situation where one single day “made a trader,” but I have witnessed many single trading days that destroyed traders."

I'm reading this great article almost everyday:

Anonymous said...

wow close call.

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