Friday, November 02, 2007

Nov 2 Choppy Day and Ron Paul

Interesting video on Ron Paul-
Abolish the Federal reserve, IRS, and taxes. Bring the US troops home immediately.
Got any problems with that? WOW!


Anything-Goes on 7:47 PM said...

if he wasn't such an extremist .. hed have my vote!

MyFriendFate on 6:37 PM said...

He seems pretty rational to me.

MyFriendFate on 5:22 PM said...

Thanks for coming by my other blog. Similar training goals, and perhaps similar trading goals as well. I like your site title "high probability trader". I sucked at the stock market until I discovered the importance of probability in my trading. By the way, I can't do a one-arm pullup yet, but, maybe some day. Good luck to you.

HPT on 8:49 PM said...

Yeah, thanks for checking out my blog too. I can do one armed pullups on each arm, only for 1 rep thou. I'm working on getting to 2-3 reps. I've been doing 1 armed pullups on the weighted pullup machine and adding weight to my waist when doing regular pullups.

MyFriendFate on 3:52 PM said...

That awesome. Let me know when you get there. I'll have to try your approach. I've got a chain type belt that allows adding weight thats been collecting dust for years. And we've got a pullup assist machine at TKD.

are you any good at handstand pushups?

HPT on 6:36 PM said...

I'm OK at handstand pushups, I'll have to see what my max is, probably 15 or 20. I try to hold handstands for the length of whatever song I'm listening to. I've been doing one armed handstands lately too, only for about 50-10sec though. That BEAST Skills website is pretty cool, I remember checking it out a few months ago. The thing with one armed pullups is that you start to get tendinitis and your brachioradialis gets sore.
I also do heavy deadlifts and rows.

Anonymous said...

i like ron paul - but he's in lala land if he thinks he can just switch us off from the fed and the irs w/out a significant "adjustment" sounds great, and im all for it but i have not heard anything about how to do the transition

what worries me about ron paul is i think he pull a ross perot and hillary will coast in

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