Thursday, November 29, 2007

Nov 29 $1,200 on 88c and 1700 AAPL shares

Traded 2 hours in the afternoon.

Waited for Trade signals, stuck to my Plan, used stops, made Money, had a good day.

PL $1,200 on 88c and 1700 shares Trading AAPL.

IB's got a relatively new feature where you can look up individual stock/futures contracts you traded for the day.
Here's an example of my YM Trades-

Checkout the Short Squeeze Momentum Stock FSLR-


Sanglucci on 4:05 PM said...

Hey man thanks for the comment... Gotta question for you tho man I was trading Apple today too but I couldn't get a read on the tape really... When you traded him were you just using technicals and the futures to assist your decisions or were you reading the tape on that bastard... I kept shorting the shit out of em at 184 he just wouldn't break finally he did but he came right back and then puked again... He was a tough ass trade how did you handle him???

HPT on 6:01 PM said...

I didn't even have an AAPL chart up when I took my first entry, I saw a pullback in the futures and SMH and saw relative strength in NQ compared to ER2, and I knew a high beta stock like AAPL was a good buy, so I entered with 100shares and added up to around 4-500s.I got some good scalps in the afternoon exiting near 185.

Bubs on 7:22 AM said...

Nice day yesterday, you are looking good for the contest

Bubs on 7:23 AM said...

Never mind someone guessed a few points higher then you

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