Thursday, November 22, 2007

Timothy Sykes

The guy is a virus that is spreading throughout the trading community.
This video is pretty funny. The guy may look like an idiot, but there is an old saying, that even bad publicity is good. He's getting more attention, and for some reason, I bet he's making more money. He's actually has some good stock picks. Some say he has a gambling approach to trading, but what is trading all about anyway.


Anonymous said...

Thanx for posting my video--I am kinda like a virus, I'll grow on you! Note: when I recommended people putting all their assets in one play, it was for the CNBC $1 million challenge only! That was really THE ONLY WAY TO WIN THE CONTEST, DO NOT CONFUSE THIS STRATEGY WITH REAL LIFE TRADING/INVESTING.

Once you read my book "An American Hedge Fund", you'll understand much better that not only am I not an idiot, but it's the ridiculous lack of transparency in the financial world that is the cause of such disinformation.

Oh well, my claim to fame is turning $12k into $2 mil in 4 years, now I'm gonna do it all over again and everybody can watch on Then we'll see if I'm full of it or not. 2 weeks into this challenge, I'm already up to $14k, still have a long way to go.

onionfutures on 1:52 PM said...

Well he's right, if you want to win a contest, its like playing in the main event of poker, you have to be playing aggressively and trying to build those chips at all times.

His advice is trading, not investing, but once again, thats the competition

Anonymous said...

Re: Sykes amateurish hedge fund book:

Is it more sad or amusing when someone's young ego spurs them to write a book when they possess neither literary skill nor talent? Sykes has commented elsewhere that his goal to become "a great teacher, not a great investor" but in this sad excuse for a tutorial he proves to be neither as his amateurish errors practically drive him from the market, credibility (what little he had) completely shredded. Perhaps, however, it's not truly his fault: let's face it, when it comes to imparting wisdom from Wall Street it is simply not possible that a raw twenty-something simply has much to say.

Not that Sykes doesn't try however. In perusing the "comments" portion of Amazon book reviews, he's certainly not reluctant to chime in and offer a defense at nearly every turn. Find me ONE other author at Amazon that feels so compelled to argue his own incompetence.

Tim Sykes should end his determined quest to become a media personality as his grating manner and decidedly non-telegenic looks suit him far better to shine shoes.

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