Saturday, November 24, 2007

To Do List

Interesting how the blog; TO-DO-LIST, is becoming a BOOK.

My To Do List-
Create more blogs
Create more blog templates
Finalize strategy rules
Work on adding ads to blogs
Work on Paintbar audible alerts
Work on chart indicators
Review Sector Trend stock strategy
Get faster computer
Share more videos and pictures
Increase site traffic
Learn how to create a better webpage
Work on Financial goals
Eat less Cereal
Work on Arms and Chest next time at the gym
Do homework by Sunday night
Setup Camtasia recorder to start recording trading
Search for best computer
Eat more protein
Prepare for class speech
Get Oil change
Read current Book about FOMC
Spend more time learning Visual Studio and C#

Things you wont find on my To Do List
Work on my Moving avg Crossover technique
Search for Penny stocks getting ready to explode

Buy Penis Enlarger Pills
Cash in my Winning Lottery ticket from Africa
Read THE FLY's new Blog
Spend time on looking for new friends

Talk on the Cell Phone while driving
Eat Asparagus
Checkout Hillary Clinton's Presidential website
Checkout the latest posts at EliteTrader


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