Monday, November 26, 2007

Trading Blogs of Interest

I've added some new Day Traders to the Day Trader Blog Roll

10kThrownAway-2 Brotheres Day Trading there way to financial freedom giving daily analysis of there trades, dollar P/L, market summary, and charts.(They trade both futures and stocks and began fulltime trading

00NR7- A Fellow IB user that day trades stocks and gives his trades, charts, and gives his profit/loss as a R multiple instead of an actual dollar amount. (checkout TraderMikes article on R-Multiples)

Stock Hunter- A fellow QuoteTracker user that day trades stocks and gives his trades, charts, and gives his profit/loss as a R multiple.

DayTrade-Emini- A new Futures Trader that posts his Day Trade analysis, P/L, and charts.(No one likes his Avatar, especially DINO, who is back to trading today).

AlphaTrends- Trading Recap Videos shared daily by John giving us Technical Analysis of whats happening in the markets.

MadStocks- The blog authored by the infamous Rajin Cajun gives his daily trades, charts, and opinion on stocks and the market.(Rajin Cajun also contributes to the Peanut Gallery over at the FLY's new website-

Stock Trading Charts- A static website where High Probability Trader displays all his charts using Picasa as shown below.

(If you got a cool trading blog leave a comment and I'll check you out)


Anything-Goes on 1:20 AM said...

my avatar is my key to success :)

ainkurn on 5:18 AM said...

HPT, thanks for the link to or site. on 7:46 AM said...

We love if you would stop by our blog. We try to post every other day and provide as much educational information as possible. We normally cover info on equities, futures, and forex.

See our weekly recap on the TradersBlog

Thanks and Happy Holidays,

Monday Exchange

Ragin' Cajun on 10:38 PM said...

Thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

Please check it out.

Mostly swing trading of stocks at this point.

Thanks and nice blog.


Anonymous said...

an easy on the eyes and cpu bridge between edward jones and hpt. intended mostly for my peers in the gated communities. intraday / eod spy, sectors, usd outbursts etc.


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