Thursday, December 06, 2007


I'll tell you what, I have got the stock pick of the century.

This is a CHINA based SOLAR COMPANY, that is using NANOTECHNOLOGY, to create the most advanced SOLAR products ever. On top of that, this company just went public and very few people know about this rare opportunity to buy the stock. The ticker symbol is SHET....also listed on the LONDON stock exchange under CRAP....and listed as TERD under the shanghai exchange. Please act now, because if oil goes up another cent you will be sorry you weren't invested in this CHINA NANOTECHNOLOGY based SOLAR company.


Will people please get off the whole SOLAR HYPE. The SUN wasn't invented yesterday, and the last time I checked people were still driving GAS based vehicles. Telerium? WHAT? I bet AL GORE has an all time fan base right now, and more people than ever are concerned about Gas Prices. What's the publics way of dealing with high gas prices? LOOK TO BUY ALTERNATIVES. Buy useless solar companies that they think are going to be profitable, because if oil goes any higher, the whole world is going to switch to solar, LIKE TOMORROW, and you will be rich from buying XYZ solar company.


ainkurn on 12:07 PM said...

a buy an hold strategy in solars is very risky, but i have pulled out nice profits in FSLR, SPWR, and JASO daytrading them the last few weeks

HPT on 1:15 PM said...

For short term trading, solars can be quite profitable. Congrats on your wins.

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