Monday, December 03, 2007

Trading from the LAZY BOY, Dec 3 Choppyness

Didn't do any real trading today as I'm working on my system.

$13 on 200 shares (100share winner short on C and 100 share B.E. Buy on XLE)

Attention Futures traders- It's time to rollover Bond futures contracts to MARCH (ZN,ZF,ZB,) because DEC has lost volume and is going to expire soon. Watch for Stock index futures rollover later this month too.

Daily ES chart-

I'm TRADING FROM A LAZY BOY NOW..........OH,,,,,YEAH!!!!!!


Bubs on 6:07 PM said...

time to upgrade your monitors

HPT on 7:46 PM said...

Now you know why my eyes are going bad

StockHunter on 10:21 PM said...

holy shit bro! with a tenth of your blowup days in 2007 you could have gotten yourself a much nicer trading desk ;)
Is it like a retro thingy to use those pre historic monitors?

HPT on 11:36 PM said...

God Damit guys,
you are killin me here,
I'm updatin my stuff soon.
I'm going to make a post about the system I'm looking into and ask for feedback from ya'll....

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