Sunday, December 02, 2007

TV Commercials you gotta love

You gotta love Comcasts Slowsky's- (Video; Slowsky's raw and uncut, not a commercial)

Geico's Caveman, so popular they made a TV show-

I haven't seen this commercial before, maybe it was too cruel to animals to televise in the states.


Adrian on 8:13 PM said...

The Ka ad is great, but I don't think they're on sale in North America which is probably why we've never seen the ads.

I drove around Germany in a rental Ka about six years ago, great little cars. You'd never believe they were a Ford! No idea why Ford doesn't sell them here.

Anonymous said...

too cruel to animals to televise in the states? where do you think comcast is there, mr. hipster? if you haven't seen it, it's only because you live in an area covered by a competing cable company. wouldn't make much sense to run ads where you have no coverage now....would it?

HPT on 8:18 AM said...

I was referring to the Car commrcial, not the comcast commercial.

Bubs on 11:03 AM said...

The cavemen commercials were somewhat funny but the TV show is unwatchable.

HPT on 11:09 AM said...

Hey Bubs,
Yeah, the caveman show kinda sucked.
They actually have this interactive caveman website, cool at first, but then you realize its a waste of time.

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