Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jan 17 $2k+ on 220c and 12,000shares

I hit a good profit for the day and now I'm done and staying out of the chop.

P/L= $2013.64 on 220c and 12,000shares

I missed the morning move down believe it or not, because I thought that the move was too risky with Bernanke speaking, and that I would likely get chopped up. I made the bulk of my profit on ER2 on a long scalp in the afternoon and a short reversal on YM.

I'm going to lunch now.


Dinosaur Trader on 5:57 PM said...

Nice one, HPT.


@bclund on 7:33 PM said...

Smart move. I went and got a massage in the afternoon, after trading for a profit in the morning. Market dropped over 100 pts. from when I left my place and got to the massage shop.

Formerly ADD Trader

Anonymous said...

HPT, can tell something about your moneymanagement? Do you go all in in a position at once?

ainkurn on 5:35 AM said...

another great trading day for you. I also missed the big move down, I was short ags, but got out right before the news. what stocks are you usually trading in? etfs?

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