Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm Fucked.......

I hope people get some enjoyment out of this, because I think I've lost about 3lbs this week due to trading related stress. It's Sunday night, the Asian markets are tumbling to the depths of hell, and I'm sitting on the biggest losing bet ever. If something bad,,,,,worse,,,, happens between now and Tuesday, you can kiss this blog good bye, because I will be fucking bankrupt.

ER2 is holding upper better then the other indices, and I think a lot more people have pilled in short on ER2 because it was the favorite short last year.

The worst that can happen is a gap down of 200-300pts and a hard selloff at which point my account will be liquidated. Hopefully I won't owe my broker any money.

I could sell now,,,,,,,but what's the point,,,,,????
Who wants to take a 7k loss when you can lose it all instead,,,,,I mean make it all back.


Anonymous said...


good luck...i hope it turns around for u

Unknown on 11:10 PM said...

bro WHY? why hold over nights? a few hundred $ a day isnt good enough?

Anonymous said...

No matter what you decide, afterwards you will feel you made the wrong decision, regardless of the outcome.

You have been unfocused over the last several months- thinking you can work, go to school, trade, and live a normal life all at the same time.

You have been making all the same mistakes trading as you were when you had your biggest blow out days. You are reckless and are going to be rewarded and kicked in the teeth accordingly. You are choosing to live on a roller coaster- it does not happen to you- you choose to make it happen. I think you need to rethink your choices.

In any event I hope things work out for the best with the least possible pain.

J Parker

HPT on 11:35 PM said...

It's funny, on friday I was rethinking about even trading, and buying some software which would limit my risk and stop me from trading once I've reached a pre-set loss for the day. Looks like I'm a day late and a couple thousand dollars short. FUCKED........

Anonymous said...

Dude this is probably a good thing in the long run for you. You went long going into the holiday weekend with the market tanking thinking that it would go up??? You need to stop trading now. Sell now because this is going to plunge on Tuesday. Plunge hard. Terrible trade by a terrible trader.

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