Friday, January 25, 2008

Message To The People

I only had about 100 active readers to this blog before I posted the first video. I've been making posts to this blog for over 2 years. I never cared about driving traffic to this website. What is the motivation, ad revenue? To make a couple dollars from random people that stumble upon this blog? Yes, you have all figured me out now. This was my master plan. To make a couple dollars a day from ads by making a video of myself swearing at the computer screen. I will be a millionaire in no time.

-I've made over 500 posts over the last 2 years on this blog, journaling each trading day so I could become a better trader and learn from my mistakes.

-No one I know personally even knows about this blog.

-The first video was real. I wish it never happened. I wish I never posted it.

-The second video was a fake I made because people wanted to see me have another blowup.(Very nice people were cheering me on, calling me an idiot, saying they knew the market was going to tank 600+pts over the weekend, telling me I should kill myself)

-I hope most of the anonymous posters will leave. You don't have a name, you don't have a voice. I don't care who reads this blog, I don't care about traffic.

-Over 350,00 people have watched the video in less than 5 days. People have connected with the video and laughed because they see themselves making the same mistakes. Thousands of people have said that they learned something from the video.

-A large majority of anonymous posters threw up there arms and said that they felt betrayed and called me a lier. These people have learned nothing. These people were only here for the laugh to begin with, and these people probably have never tried trading for a living.

-Chances are I will never meet any of you people out there in internet land. Over the last 2 years I have only had two connections in meeting people through my website that cared for what I had to say and wanted to learn how I traded. These people contacted me by email. These people are KS and MS. To both of you, I'm sorry for the way my blog has turned out recently. Life has been tough and will probably get tougher.

-To the people that commented and saw my sense of humor, got the Trader Monthly joke, heard my sarcasm when visiting Tim Knights website and calling him "the best trader in the world",,,, you people I can tell are real traders. DT and the VO team got my sense of humor on the last video and that is what matters most. All you other guys can say all you want and I won't care.

-Here's a challenge for all you anonymous people that are bashing me. How about identifying your blog, your trades you make each day, and your P/L statements. Also, post a picture of your face for the world to see. Until then, you need to take a step back before you even have the right to call me harsh names.

I'm turning comments off and I'm contemplating deleting all of my videos and even this blog at this point. Real people can email me if they want. Thanks to the people that offered words of encouragement an advice. Thanks Dr. Steenbarger for stopping by. I wish I could be a trader at Kingstree, but like you said, most traders will never make it to the elite level. I will keep plugging away and maybe one day I will have proven myself through my P/L statements to get an interview.



Jeppetto on 8:06 PM said...

I've been following your blog for quite some time now. I don't think posting the videos was a mistake. I do think you are getting too worked out over the comments. I would suggest, if I may, that you just go on doing what you've been doing before. DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE ILL-WISHING COMMENTS. they will go away soon.

Dinosaur Trader on 8:17 PM said...

Just remove the ability for anonymous comments. You can do this on blogger.


Unknown on 6:50 AM said...

I agree your letting the comments get to you. I did find the video funny but I felt the exact same way when trading TASR options years ago...EASILY could have been me...WAS ME. I added the blog to is the most stressful yet financially rewarding thing to do. I too have IB but you must have removed to the min. $5,000 then. MREIT ABR and China fund APB is where I'm sitting just for the high dividend(15-20% yield) Market has no could be going up and as soon as you take a long position it dumps or vice versa. -300 the one day and ended up 300.

Sanglucci on 1:24 PM said...

Yeo HPT what up man I been watchin all this shit go down ain't said nothin yet but those comments got me heated too! I couldn't believe some a the shit these cats were postin but it is what it is I check ya blog everyday man for the insights you got and to try to figure out ya style and what not I luv it man but if u think bloggin ain't helpin u then yea it's prolly a good call to shut it down and spend the time on some other shit but I think it is helpin u so keep doin what u do man good luck either way...

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