Friday, January 18, 2008


Well, I really don't want to talk about today. I thought I was using my stops wisely, but after looking at my P/L, it isn't pretty. I have on a large bet that I'm holding over the weekend. I'm speculating/gambling, call it what you want.
IF things turnout in my favor next week, I'll tell what happened today.
If things turnout for the worst, I will likely go into a raging fit, become depressed, write a post about the death of my account, stop trading, and begin to hate my life.

My goals for tonight are not to review my charts or my screw-ups, because I already know what I did wrong.(I pretty much just starred at my P/L for an hour and was thinking about all the stuff that could happen between now and when the market opens on Tuesday.)

My goal for tonight is to get DRUNK.
Avoid getting a DUI.
Have fun.
And forget about this bad day.

Have a great Weekend.

This is the Classic Club song,
and goes well with my Trading position (DONT STOP BELIEVEN,,,by Journey)


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