Monday, January 21, 2008

YM down over 500pts

Congratulations to all those smart people out there that stayed out of the market, and didn't make a stupid trade like me. You all are better than me. It's 5am, I haven't gone to bed still. Worst trade in my life, obviously. I'm still holding this piece of shit even after taking 38k unrealized loss. If the market does tank on Tuesday as many believe, than I will surely go into a deep state of depression. I'll make one last prediction, that the FED will step in on Tuesday ahead of BAC earnings and save the market from plunging. It's wishful thinking. At this point all I have left is hope and dreams of the PPT stepping in to save the day.

PS.- Bernanke, if your reading this, please fly in with your helicopter and save my ass.


Anonymous said...

Im praying for you brother

Anonymous said...

Put on a short trade is better hope for recovery than pee brain Ben. Goodluck trading.

Anonymous said...

maybe the Diehards can save you:

post #11754

Anonymous said...

I guess he was reading this?

Anonymous said...


... still didn't help you to save your money ...

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