Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Feb 19 Choppy Light Volume Trading

Scalping index futures is difficult on light volume choppy trading days like today.

Crude oil and the Oil related stock sector have been making big gains.

Gold seems to be stuck in a trading range.

Since DT and iBankcoin came out bashing Dennis Kneale, CNBC have been airing him more than ever. Perhaps even bad PR is good PR.

What if the market doesn't retest the lows?
Think of all the PUTS that were bought last month. It would be a shame for all those traders to see there PUTS expire worthless from seeing the market Chop around for the next month or two.

I was thinking about the terrible storm China experienced last month and the correlation that this natural disaster has on the stock market. One article I found looked at Hurricanes the US experienced with the corresponding price action in the stock market afterwards. Check out
How Is the Stock Market Affected by Natural Disasters? (by D.R.Barton Jr.)


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