Friday, February 22, 2008

A Wild Week and the Chop continues

This market must be tough for swing traders. Are people surprised to see the market chop around for a month. Perhaps another month of chop is to come. I imagine there were a ton of Puts bought and Strangle strategies put on in the last few weeks. One thing is for sure, it looks like Option sellers have been making bank on the high premiums and increased Vol.



In order for this market to grow some BULL legs, C and XLF need to show some buying.

EWZ, Go Brazil!

ZB 30yr

ES- Option Sellers are making Bank. Not sure how Option buyers are making out.

My simulator hedge trade is now negative $600. I'm looking to see if it will go to $-2k or $-4k before reversing back. The market is behaving as I expected now that this trade is negative; moreover; ER2 and ZB are more bearish and ES and ZF are more Bullish. The reason this trade was in the green by $2k a few days back had to do with the steeping yield curve. is a great website for learning

Checkout Daily Treasury Yield Curve Rates for historical data on interest rates.

Also Checkout The Living Yield Curve

30yr swap bond futures


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heh...i love the way you analyze the charts.My My little blog is a dwarf compared to yours ;p

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