Saturday, March 29, 2008

10K Thrown Away

My Trading friends over at 10K Thrown Away did an interview with TraderInterviews.

Update on CPU status-
With any luck, I should have my computer up and running by Monday.


Picture of my CPU torn apart.

I switched the OS to Windows XP Pro 64 Ed. (Hopefully the 64 Ed. doesn't cause too many problems, ie other software providers not compatible with 64bit OS, no drivers etc.)

Next I have to put back in my nVidia card, TV card, and 2Gb of RAM I took out of the system.

I've always had compatibility problems with the nVidia card and Vista OS starting when I got this system(I made a video about the monitor flickering due to Vista). So hopefully switching to XP will solve this problem.

I think the cause of the BSOD may be due to bad RAM. I'm running on 2Gb instead of 4Gb right now with no problems yet. After I install the full 4Gb back in the computer I will investigate things and make sure nothings gone corrupt. (Note: go to- run, check- msinfo, check- hardware reseources.)

After Installed XP 64 Ed. and updated to service pack 2, my USB ports all stopped working. Apparently this was an issue that MSFT made a hotfix for. Anyway, I fixed the problem by un-installing SP2 and I don't plan on installing it ever again.

Lets see if I can get both monitors up and running now.

Thanks for all the suggestions and tips in the comment section guys.


N on 12:26 PM said...

There was an article yesterday on slashdot about the nvidia problem
"NVIDIA's Drivers Caused 28.8% Of Vista Crashes In 2007"

kiwiguy on 9:26 PM said...

I still use Windoze 2000 on my trading machine for a reason.

Look for memtest86 online (you can get it as either a floppy or CD image). You can boot with it, and it will stress test your memory.

HPT on 9:58 PM said...

I was one of the 28.8%. nVidia now has new drivers out because Vista just released SP1 March 20th. Pisses me off. Still hate Vista.

Thanks. I will test it out.

I suspect the problem still lies with nVidia drivers and Vista, especially since I'm running 64bit on dual monitors. It sucks not having the media center that vista offered, so I may once again, reformat this fucking CPU and install windows XP media center edition.(I wasn't thinking when I installed XP 64 ed. because now I don't have the media center and my TV card is a waste). Luckily I've got all these different Operating Systems free at my disposal. It just pisses me off the amount of time it takes to reformat to a new OS and install the necessary drivers.

BUY ON THE DIP on 2:37 PM said...

i sleep with my iphone.

i heart MAC

DOW loves 12,000

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