Thursday, April 10, 2008

Apr 10, Tech Rally, AAPL screws me

I had a bad feeling about going into today before I even put on the first trade. I got little sleep and didn't plan the trading day. I originally started out bullish. I tried a long on NQ AAPL and LEN before the morning breakout, but I got stopped out. I made the mistake of reversing positions when we retested where I had originally bought. I need to stick to NYSE A/D rules. I let AAPL run all over my ass today. I got lucky that the market pulled back a bit today or else I would have been fucked.

Overall- I was a dumbass for not putting a tight stop on AAPL short and by adding to that loser. Did good on holding my ZB long.

AAPL rallies hard in my Short Face.
FRE sells off nicely in the afternoon
Bullish Day Obviously, those 38% fib pullbacks are golden.
Strong NYSE TICK readings most the day
Techs are strong today
Nice 38% Fib buy, were I exited my shorts.
38% Fib sell area worked good.
See the Bull Flag Pattern from the time 11-13:00?
Pretty Weak today
Crazy morning rally


Sunny on 3:34 PM said...

this was a rally by the uninitiated IMHO...the morning drop was the real response. oh well tomorrow will tell, i bought a lot of puts on IBM, so pray for me.

HPT on 4:41 PM said...

I left you a comment on your blog. Big caps look strong.

tapeworm on 11:23 PM said...

u r the james brown of trading...geez! that was a ton of work for $243

at least u made money!

ainkurn on 5:48 AM said...

HPT, try to stick with your signals. You had the right idea in the morning but was stopped out and then you reversed without a stop. Remember, being stubborn in trading is much worse than being wrong.

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