Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Crude Oil Dam near $120

Well, there is a plethora of bad news coming out about why Crude Oil is so high and why its going to go higher. THERE IS NO STOPPING CRUDE OIL!!!!!

Meanwhile I'm hearing consumers are buying Rice and raw commodities in mass quantities. This is either a signal marking a TOP in commodities or the start of a parabolic move we have never seen before. DEAR GOD........

I find it Ironic that Crude Oil makes record highs on GREEN EARTH DAY..

For every 1 dollar up move in Crude Oil there is a 2.5 cent increase in Gas Prices.

Crude is up more than 10 dollars since last month.

Every media station is reporting CRUDE OIL, GAS, COMMODITIES.

Airlines got absolutley killed today, every airline stock is at an all time low.
Ever heard of the airline/oil pair trade??

The only Good thing I can say is that we didn't close at the highs of the day on Crude Oil....

My biggest fear right now is Wednesday,,,,10:30 AM- Crude Inventories Report


BH_Trade on 2:57 PM said...

I would have hoped you learned your lesson about averaging into losers and holding them overnight - clearly you are at your best when scalping.

Hope CL doesn't cause you too much damage. One thing going for you is energy market extremes often happen on contract expiration days.

HPT on 3:20 PM said...

I agree about energy price extremes near expiration. Perhaps selling will commence tomorrow for the worlds sake and mine.

I haven't touched this trade since monday, when CL spiked at the close. The DEATH SPIKE.

ainkurn on 5:49 PM said...

this oil trade is hard to watch HPT. I hope this shit tanks and you never hold another futures contract overnight. EVER.

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