Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Week Ahead- Earnings

We've got more earnings this week, Thanks to the Rage for posting them.

Earnings for Monday and Tuesday- (I'll be watching BAC and FDG for sure tomorrow, and YHOO and CME on Tuesday)

Stocks I'll be watching next week-
YHOO, One of the worst charts to look at-
HealthCare Still looking bearish-
China needs that Coal,,,,I don't like the volume pattern tho-
Will XOM breakout already!
I actually think this stock looks like it could pop higher, its stock name "YUM" sounds delicious, but I can just imagine the corny 1 line headlines that will come out if YUM dissapoints on earnings.
I think we're going higher to 28 on XLF.
LEH causing all the ruckus in March after the BSC fiasco!
I think LMT is due for a downturn with Bush leaving office.
PTR- Will it Bounce?
HomeBuilders fighting that 38% Fib resistance-
Materials, apparently they are getting more expensive along with food and gas....
I don't like it, I don't like it one bit...
China, it use to lead our market, now it LAGS.......

GOOG and AAPL comparison. It looks like GOOG was in for a bounce when comparing the two stocks .
Where's Real Estate headed?
Not so sure about these Coal stocks, they pollute too much ya' know!
I'm bullish on Biotech and BSX.
What would happen if CFC bounced to $18!?
Thinking of trading this stock with some options,,,Looks Lke GOOG before earnings. You know the CME's been dominating since they took over cBOT, and especially with all the volatility we've had this last quarter. Price taret is $540 or more!


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