Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Jim Rogers says Fannie & Freddie rescue is a disaster

July 14 2008 Jim Rodgers Interview at Bloomberg

Rogers Holdings-
I was surprised to hear he was Long China and Airlines.
He's also long Ag Commodities, base metals, and sugar.
He thinks Taiwan's market may be a good long in the future.

Rogers is short US financials and the US dollar


Anonymous said...

fuck jim rodgers. let him stay in china.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe people can be critical of old Jimmy boy!!! He is one of the few straight shooters on wall street. He's been warning of what has been unfolding for a long time. Jim's been trying to help you, fool. Wall street is looking out for their best interest, the fed doesn't have the minerals to do what is needed, and the government is more interested in acting as is nothing is wrong. Jim deseves a standing O. God save Jim Rogers should be U.S.A.'s new national anthem.

HPT on 11:02 PM said...

Jim Rodgers is a trading GOD.

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