Thursday, September 24, 2009

How to Run Multiple Instances of QuoteTracker Trading Software

How to run two instances of QuoteTracker

Make a copy of the entire QuoteTracker folder, not just the stocks.exe file. (Ex. If your current folder for QT is "c:\program files\quotetracker" make a folder "c:\program files\quotetracker2" (or whatever)). Then copy the entire contents of the "c:\program files\quotetracker" folder (including sub-folders) into the "c:\program files\quotetracker2" folder.

After that, make a shortcut to the stocks.exe file in the new c:\program files\quotetracker2 folder. Your original shortcut should point to "c:\program files\quotetracker\stocks.exe" and the new shortcut should point to "c:\program files\quotetracker2\stocks.exe"

Both of these shortcuts now need the "allowdup" command line argument added to them in the Target box, so that they will look like this:
"c:\program files\quotetracker\stocks.exe" allowdup
"c:\program files\quotetracker2\stocks.exe" allowdup
(Note: allowdup is outside of the quotes and there is a space before it.)

After that final step, you can double click the 2 shortcuts and each will start a separate instance of QT.

For more answers to FAQ go to the QT forum.


Unknown on 11:17 AM said...

I did this a while back... it worked, however I came across a conflict in memory and one of the instances crashed, and then all the colors of lower indicators reset to white. Never dared to do this again. Just my experience.

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